India is the name in the good books of everyone when it comes to medical assistance. You get multi-speciality hospitals with the best amenities, best hospitality, easy approval of medical visa, affordable food and lodging, great hospitality, language interpreters, experienced surgeons, and a lot more.

Above all, you get the Best Infertility Treatment. The world might have similar techniques, but the doctors of IVF treatment in India have the best approach. They make an emotional bond with each of their patients and not just treat them because of medical reasons. Moreover, counselling and motivation are essential for this particular treatment.


Why IVF Treatment Package in India Considered The Best From a Patient’s Perspective?

Well, yes, the IVF Treatment Package in India is considered the best because the cost is minimal. It is approximately 4 to 8 times lower compared to other parts of the world.

Apart from that, the package is defined with the utmost convenience and easy to understand for the patient. Moreover, it covers all the essentials, and the international patient will not suffer any issues during the treatment.

The best part is there is no hidden cost. The IVF treatment package in India includes:

  • A thorough test and diagnosis of the couple
  • The complete cost of the treatment
  • The price of all the drugs and medicine involved during the treatment
  • It also includes the cost of a stay in the hospital during the treatment
  • The package also includes the price for the stay even after the treatment, until necessary
  • All the food and supplements are provided to the patient within the cost itself
  • Apart from that, the hospital also provides a complimentary pickup drop service, to and fro from the hospital to the airport



Now, it is clearly defined in the package that the patient will manage any expenses outside the hospital in stay lodging or food. The hospital will issue only the visa invitation letter, and the patient has to pay the cost of the visa application and approval.

Apart from that, the travel cost from your country to India will be on you. If you plan additional travel during your visit, it is not a part of an IVF treatment package.

The stay cost in the IVF treatment package of the hospital is for a twin sharing room, and not a private room. If you need a private room, you will have to pay the extra cost. Apart from the patient, one attendant can stay in the hospital. Additional attendants have to make their arrangements for a stay either in the international lounge of the hospital or hotel outside the hospital. In both cases, you have to bear the cost.


Final Words:

The above article covers all the details about the expenses involved in the IVF treatment in India. The treatment cost is from 4,000 to 6,000 US dollars. Rest all the price that are not included in the package are additional for the patient.

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