A driver is simply a person who operates a vehicle whereas a chauffeur is a professional person who is specially hired to guide the rider and provide him with best customer support. Chauffeurs, on the other hand, are liable and responsible for their actions. Chauffeurs are responsible professionals who provide excellent support to their riders and customers.

Difference between Chauffeurs and Drivers:

These terms are not used interchangeably as both are quite distinct and different. Here, some of them are the key differences that need to be discussed:

  • Anybody can be a Driver:

The difference between a driver and a chauffeur is that of professionalism. A driver is just a common person while the chauffeur is a hired professional. To become a driver, you must need to fulfill the following requirements:


  • You must be a minimum of 21 years old.
  • You must own a 4-door vehicle of model 2009 or newer than that.
  • You must possess a driver’s license or complete insurance.


Whereas, a chauffeured transportation company hires professionals who exhibit outstanding citizenship in everything they do.

Chauffeurs provide excellent customer services in everything they do so that the passengers enjoy their travel experiences. They provide world-class service to allow the best customer services.

Since chauffeurs are held responsible for all their actions, they work hard to achieve the desired results. They work to improve their customer service and increase their demand. Additionally, many drivers normally focus on getting from one destination to another as quickly as possible and do not care about their riders or clients. But in the case of chauffeurs, this is the opposite as they work to serve their clients in a well-mannered way.

  • Chauffeurs Drive First-Rate Vehicles:

For passengers of all ages, it is important to travel in comfort, style and safety. A chauffeured company also takes care of Chauffeur Insurance apart from providing the best chauffeurs. 

Chauffeurs only drive the first-rate vehicles which are high-quality vehicles provided by a chauffeured transportation company. Insurance secures the first-rate car as well as the chauffeurs.

  • Chauffeurs Prioritize Customer Service:

Drivers only focus on the task at hand, earning money by transporting the passengers from point A to point B. Whereas the chauffeurs make an extra effort in pleasing their customers. Their focus is on delivering high-quality service to the passengers. 

Transportation services are available for a variety of events including the birthday parties, business meetings, weddings, sporting events or concerts etc. 

Chauffeur Insurance:

This kind of insurance is so mandatory as chauffeurs only drive luxury cars. The maintenance of luxury cars is so important and thus they are insured. Similarly, service providers chauffeurs are also insured. Chauffeur Insurance allows safe and secure travel for passengers. It allows your VIP passengers to travel with much safety and comfort. In the case of an accident, a car of a similar standard is provided as a good replacement for the original car. Chauffeurs are offered insurance by a great insurer or insurance company. 

Chauffeur Insurance Brokers:

Contacting and understanding different insurance companies can be quite tricky and confusing. You may waste a lot of your time analyzing the market analysis of the insurance companies. To avoid that botheration and hassle, one can take assistance from a chauffeur insurance broker. They can guide you to get the best insurance offer deliberately. Not only they know the hidden quirks of every insurance company but also provide good assistance when making a claim. They help n great negotiations with the insurance companies. You can rely on their expertise in case anything goes wrong.

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