Cotton is grown in hot and subtropical areas worldwide. It provides a shot of fiberthat grows on a single seed that helps it to spread it in the wind. The cell and fiberare separated and then utilized as yarn and thread. Later the production takes place to make textiles. Cotton is the leading source of natural fiber for cloth making.

Importance Of Raw Cotton

Cotton is one of the essential parts of our daily lives. As soon as we wake up, the towel we use to wipe our face is made up of cotton. The dresses we wear and the shoe strings are also made up of cotton. This shows how vital cotton is in our daily lives. It has hundreds of uses, but some are mentioned below:

  • Making of clothes and industrial products
  • Its seed oil is used in food and cosmetics.
  • Cotton seeds can gather stock feed
  • Linters on a cotton plant is used to make plastic and other products
  • Cotton is used to make coffee, bookbinding, tents and fishing nets

The cotton plant needs strong sunlight and between 25 and 48 inches of rainfall to grow successfully. Therefore there are only a few countries that can grow and harvest cotton properly. You can find many leading cotton suppliers listed on an online B2B directory. These countries include the U.S., Brazil, Uzbekistan, India, and a few more. Others which import cotton are below:

7 Countries That Import Cotton The Most

1.       China

The country which imports cotton the most in the world is China. It imports around 21% (worth $2.37 billion) of global exports, among which 38% is from the US. Other than that, it imports cotton from Australia and India.

2.       Vietnam

The second country which imports the most in the world in Vietnam. It imports around 31% of the world’s global raw exports worth $1.49 billion. It imports mainly from the U.S, followed by Brazil and India.

3.       Turkey

Turkey is ranked as the third-largest import of raw cotton. The country receives 11% of the global exports of the world. The worth of these imports is $1.2 billion. It gets the highest percentage of cotton from Turkey worth $496 million. The second-largest country which supplies the most cotton to Vietnam is Turkmenistan and then Greece.

4.       Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the fourth largest importer of raw cotton. It receives 9% of the world’s export of cotton worth 1.01 Billion. It gets the highest cotton from the U.S and the second-largest supplier of Bangladesh in India.

5.       Indonesia

The fifth-largest importer is Indonesia, whichgets around 7% of the global exports of cotton. The worth of its imports is 793 million. Indonesia is ranked as the third-largest importer of cotton from China and Turkey.

6.       Pakistan

Pakistan is the sixth-largest importer of cotton. However, it is one of those countries which also produces cotton in a considerable amount. It still imports 5.6% of global exports in the world, which is worth 631 Million.

7.       South Korea

South Korea is ranked as the 7th largest importer of raw cotton. It imports 4.1%  of cotton from the global exports of worth 465 million.


The above statistics show how important cotton is for each country. The production of cotton is also a complicated process. Cotton farmers rely more on strains, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to produce cotton. In developed countries like Australia, the US, and Europe, cotton is gathered by using a cotton picker machine, which helps to separate the fiber from the plant without causing damage to any other plant. However, in developing countries, cotton is harvested by hand. The usage of this vital crop will increase as the time will pass by, and people will start to import cotton in a higher quantity in the coming years.

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