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Do you know how to shoot a music Concert

Here, I am going to share the best tips about how to shoot a music Concert with camera. The photographer who has a great passion for their skill to shoot will benefit a lot with this information.

Most of the people are music lovers. They love music and concert scene but the problem is they do not know how to shoot music scenes with smart skills. So follow the tips on pro photography and be a professional writer as well.

Performance of lenses in low-light

The first and foremost tip is you have to check your lens performance in low light while you shooting music concerts. The quality of lenses should be high because maybe where you will shoot, there may be circumstances according to low-light.

If you have a good budget then go for high-quality lenses but a less tight budget, purchase a fixed 50mm lens. Fast lenses are a little bit expensive but they will affect your job or work. You will execute your work better with good quality lenses.

Shutter-Speed of the camera:

The shutter speed of the camera should be 1/250 or faster while you are shooting music concerts. When an artist performs jumping here and there on stage, then the shutter speed works.

If you will choose a low shutter-speed camera, it will give you a blurred-image with low quality. So fallow the artist’s action with a high shutter-speed camera and shoot Concert with music camera at high-resolution.

Choose Raw-Format supported camera:

Always choose raw-format supported camera if you have a passion for music concerts. It is a file format that captures all the images recorded by the sensor.

Nowadays most of the camera supports raw-format with point and shoot either it is light-weight of heavy.

It adjusts everything of the image like white-balance, print, color, level of brightness and provides you high-quality image

ISO Value:

The main function of Camera’s ISO sensitivity controls light while you are shooting. You can check this manually. Take the camera in low-light and shoot, it will show you it’s ISO quality.

When the light falls on the image, the camera converts it into electronic signals and ISO sensitivity raised by those electronic signals.

Manual exposure mode:

If you want to pick both the things the aperture and the shutter speed, this mode helps you to control both easily. M Mode is a little tough for beginners but important for shooting. It gives you more photography controls.

M Mode provides you flexibility with more functions as I have experienced.

Auto-focus point:

As the name indicating about its means. The camera itself takes focus on it’s shooting the subject and gives you a balancing image. If the subject is moving here and there then the camera has an AF system automatically takes focus to the shooting subject and works well.


Take patience while going to shoot music concerts. While you are shooting first concerts, you will feel some pressure in your mind because within few times you have to get good shots. Just relax and take advantage of those low light and high light moments for shooting.