In the medical field, there are numerous devices used regularly have micro coils in them. Hence, before purchasing micro coils for medical devices there are certain aspects one should know about. Medical coil winding has to be specially made as each device requires a specialized product for accurate work. 

Medical coils 

Various companies wind coils which are specifically manufactured for medical devices. There are two categories of medical coils, which are coils which are catheter’s part used for performing several intravascular tasks. The other one is coils that one leaves in body. 

Electrodes and Intravascular catheters are the primary products. However, these products can manage different tensions on every filer. With the help of this it is quiet easy for a machine to create products like heating elements, motor coils etc.  

Such winders feature various combinations which are selectable through menu and wind capability is tight-pitched. Each winding parameter is controlled precisely as well as wire tension is programmable which aids in controlling even the low values. 

Multi or single filar variable as well as machine vision, continuous mandrel length, and other customized features are ideal for medical coil winding. 

Standard applications 

Typically medical coils are winded in a diameter range of approximately .003“on a mandrel of .010“. Apart from it if required, coil winders for medical purposes can wind it down to a diameter wire .0004“ on a mandrel of .001“ utilizing a close loop control system with filar tension. 

Machine flexibility is ideal for recipe controlled of filar tension from 5-600 grams when the winding process takes place. Also, overwraps are never a problem on such matters. 


Materials used in medical devices are extremely small which is why precise control of processes becomes significantly crucial. Programmable wind accuracy of ¼ angle degree as well as wind tension which is less than just a gram requires control system’s usage which was not associated with any coil winding in yester years. 

An interesting fact of using the machine’s vision for measuring wind angle without any direct contact with filament and the remarkably advanced system makes this such a precise machine to ever exist.

Also, the adjustable tailstock is ideal for using different length mandrels. Simply by increasing accuracy of controlled parameters, this machine is ideal for increasing productivity through quicker wind speeds and reduced rejects. Moreover, such a programming is ideal as it allows new items to be created with same equipment. With better technology’s availability, product designers find that they can build better commodities when it comes to medical coil winding. 

When opting for medical micro coils, you will have to understand that precision and high grade products are a must. Without it, devices can malfunction and lead to incorrect result which is going to be an awful experience for all. 

Hence, whenever, you are trying to opt for medical micro coils ensure knowing that it is the best product you are getting. Also, go through standard lengths as well as features to understand what type of coils you will receive as the end product. This will help you in creating a faulty medical device and avoid disaster.