Is love in the air, but it’s only emanating from you and you want to make him fall in love with you? Is he on your mind constantly and you just can’t stop wondering if he has any feeling for you at all or not? Are you tired of wondering and just want to get to the heart of the matter? Read this article to make him fall in love with you once and for all.

Sex sells and sex lures men, there’s no denying it. However, many women have decided to simply stop there. Let’s show ’em we’re sexy, we want sex, and we’re willing to have sex… easy. Well, that’s all good and well if you just want to have sex, but what does that do to the woman who wants more.

You have to consider that if you want more from a man than just sex, you’re going to show him you have more than just sex to offer. So stop parading around as if sex were all you had to offer and show the men out there that you’re more than just a sex bomb.

You can start by diminishing the sexuality you display when you go out. Go for fashions that are less provocative and more sensually classic. You can still show your curves and femininity, just don’t be so brash about it. Men don’t need to have your breasts slapping them in the face to know you have them.

Then get a hold of your personality. What do you have to offer a guy anyway? Start with fun conversation and show him your desire to listen to him and get to know him. Men love impressing women by showing them how hard working, ambitious and successful they are. Throughout the conversation, sprinkle in just a bit about yourself to ignite his interest in you.

The reason you want to just give tidbits of info is twofold. One, you want to create a touch of mystery and keep him guessing. A man who is intrigued and curious about a woman is more apt to pursue her. Two, you don’t want to get on an unending roll and hog the conversation. Before you know it you’re boring him to tears with every insignificant detail of your life and he can’t get a word in.

Let him have his say and this will encourage him to open more and more about himself and, in the process, he’ll feel more comfortable around you. Your dates with him should be a fun discovery that has both of you learning more about the other, whether it be your personality, your likes and dislikes, or the lifestyle you enjoy or hope to one day have.

The promise of sex can peek in from time to time, just don’t make it the focal point of every date. Just knowing that he’s getting to know a fine woman with whom he will have sex with can be enough to drive a man insane. The sexual tension will draw him closer.

Between the fun you’re having, the sexual tension and a complete lack of pressure, he’ll fall in love with you.