Cannabis is classified as a cannabinoids drug. The precise number of different cannabinoids in the cannabis sativa plant is immobile being researched, but it mainly contains the psychoactive cannabinoids THC (delta9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and the non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD).

About Cannabis

Cannabis is a rapid growing, blossoming plant native to Asia and the Indian subcontinent. For several thousands of years, however, it has been refined around the world for use in textiles, medicine, and religion, so it now grows on each continent but Antarctica. Cannabis is the only recognized source of the psychoactive cannabinoids THC and CBD. These are intense around the plant’s sticky, resinous flowers to provide as a protective layer beside predators.

Cannabis comes in a diversity of forms for consumption, the most well-liked being dried buds, which are habitually consumed in a joint, bong, pipe, or vaporizer. The resin may also be extracted to build hashish (hash), dabs (shatter, budder, etc.), oils, or tinctures. Oils in finicky (or more traditionally cannabis-infused butter) can be used to make ripe cannabis products, such as the typical “space cake” or pot brownies.

The innovation of cannabis seeds, wicker fibers, and cave paintings from the Japanese Jōmon age (10,000-300 BC) indicate the plant’s role in bowstring and fishing line produce. From at least the 8th century, it was also measured a symbol of asset in Japan, appearing in Shinto ceremonies, bridal wear, standard poetry, and the childhood refrain to grow as tall and as directly as C. sativa. For this reason, the numerical as no ha fabric design, based on interlocking hemp leaves, was usually worn by children.


  1. Mum says baby hospitalized once eating cannabis left in Starbucks changing room.
  2. Cannabis oil saves the boy, 7 so he can study about Father Christmas for the first time.
  3. MPs block bid to make legal cannabis after present law branded ‘cruel and inhuman’.
  4. A woman, 32, becomes the first UK patient to be approved cannabis after law changes.
  5. Drink driver still under authority of cannabis smoked ‘days earlier’ banned from the road.
  6. Cannabis oil brings darts star Bobby George’s dying dog backside from the brink.
  7. Ten-month-old baby in the coma behind swallowing cannabis.
  8. Girl Guide sets up biscuit stall next to a line of cannabis smokers – and sells them in record time.
  9. Canada legalizes cannabis sparking enormous queues in streets outside drug shops at the stroke of midnight.
  • New drug test works on mutually the living and the dead and just requires a FINGERPRINT.


  • Marijuana use is common worldwide yet ruins controversial in health care. The general public often regards marijuana as a benign substance, but obvious risks are associated with its use. Given the validation of medical marijuana in more than 20 states, clinicians need to be alert of its negative effects—and its potential healing benefits.
  • Used an indica overriding strain. Helps with my concern and anxiety attack and relieve my nerve pain in the back from disc herniation. Compared to Tramadol the side effects are very modest. Only giddiness, a bit forgetful and hungry! Otherwise, it helps a lot. You can’t get addicted to Cannabis as well or require adjusting the dose.
  • Safe and very efficient for many medical conditions.
  • There are huge benefits for this drug. If you are a chronic pain sufferer – why should you suffer when there is a normal alternative? My research has led me to the conclusion that when used accurately, the benefits offset the risks.
  • Cannabis helps with my pain, sleep difficulty, nausea, and daily depression and nervousness.