10 Most Popular Bitcoin Mixing Services

If you are finding the best Bitcoin Mixing services than you are in the right place. There is a lot of mixing websites where one can choose the perfect Bitcoin mixer for personal use. You can use those mixing websites services to mixed it to your coins to actually make them untraceable. Actually the Bitcoin mixers help users to mix their coins with the other users. Which in turn helps them to use their coins more privately and send it from one address to many addresses. Let us have a look at the 10 most popular Bitcoin Mixing services.

  • io:

One of the most popular Bitcoin mixing service is Bitcoinmixer.io. This platform is one of the best privacy-respecting Platforms. This is the most trusted company and  Above all have good reputation. It has a good fee and low deposit limits, and their transactions get confirmed within a few limits. Due to its friendly user interface and also it does not charges any extra fee helps to attracts the users. It provides 100% confidentiality to all of its users by deleting all the information in 24 hours. You also get a smart code while doing your first transaction which gives you discount on further transactions.

  • Biz:

BitMix.Biz takes your coin and it gives you different coins in return. It collects the bitcoin deposits and mixes it with the central account and sends back to the users. You can also watch bitcoin revolution video. It also gives its users a letter of guarantee and that was later signed by BitMix.Biz amin Bitcoin account. It does not keep logs and personality identifying information. It also transferred money quickly after your transaction is confirmed.

  • BitcoinLaundry:

It gives low fees and advanced security. It is actually a donation-based service. It has a transaction fee of 0.0002 per payout address. Bitcoin laundry keeps logs for only one week and then they are automatically deleted. Users have also an option to delete their mix logs at any time.

  • SmartMix:

SmartMix helps to exchange the coins you send them and with those of theother users. It also accepts BCH and BTC  currency. It also gives you reward whenever you use anonymous smart club code that gives you discout on service fee. It has a simple and appealing user interface that gives you reliable Bitcoin mixing. It is more reliable and has extra features than other Bitcoin mixing services.

  • Anonymix :

It has a very sophisticated reserve system as it can handle high capacity mixes. It has a low service fee of 0.3% and 0.001 BTC per payout address of transaction fee. It also gives the certificate from them which ensures that you receive bitcoin from them. By using Anonymix you can send your Bitcoins to multiple addresses.

  • io:

Blender.io only needs your receiving address, you do not have to sign up or register in to it. You do not have to provide any sort of personal data to them. It gives users new coins and send users coins to the end of the chain. It allows you to add as many as 8 new addresses for each transaction.

  • CryptoMixer:

It is the trustworthy Bitcoin service. It has no maximum transaction limit but the minimum transaction of less than 0.001 BTC is considered as donation. It can accommodate large volume transaction than other Bitcoin mixing service.

  • BitcoinMixer:

It was launched in December 2019. It gives instant and delayed transaction and has no logs policy. It removes all the information about the mix within a week. Its payout distribution up to 5 addresses.  It also offers to improve transaction privacy.

  • BitCloak:

BitCloak supported cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. It is the fast secure and owesome Bitcoin mixer. It does not required any registeration and gives a letter of guarantee. The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC. In BitCloak user have to provide atleast one confirmation to complete the transaction.

  • BitCoin Fog:

Bitcoin fog provides a straightforward process for mixing  user’s coin.  The user can have up to 5 deposit addresses to make the deposit. The minimum withdrawl limit of Bitcoin fog is 0.03500000 BTC.