It is needless to say that software and mobile app development both are regarded as the wide field coming up with a variety of different programming languages as well as mobile app development. Being part of digital marketing, it needs to stay updated about the new skills as well as learn programming languages. Here, we are going to mention the 10 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development. Let us check it out in a detailed manner – 

  1. C/C++ – You may find it bizarre but C has indeed been around since 1970. This old school programming language is sitting well with modern developers. The best thing according to Mobile App Development Company that C has also been expanded into C family languages associated with original C’s style, syntax, paradigms, and structure.
  2. Python – It comes up with the facility of imparting amazing results, agility and user experience to users. It has also been ranked as one of the top 10 languages when it comes to mobile app development. It is being used on a large scale because of being quite clear, intuitive and simple syntax, which is pretty much similar to English.

  3. PHP – It does not need any sort of introduce at all. Big brand such as Facebook goes with PHP to create website back-end system. It is also used as a server-side scripting language.

  4. Java- Java is regarded as one of the best programming languages for mobile app development. Do you know that enterprises and organizations prefer Java since it is quite scalable language? It imparts the facility of fast and bug-free mobile app development. Moreover, there are many reasons behind it indeed. It is said that the Java language is quite amazing for

    – developing desktop apps,
    – back-end web systems and
    Android apps

  5.  JavaScript – The next on the list is JavaScript declared as the most popular language among today’s developers. The best thing about this language is that it is regarded as a predominant factor to shape an incredible high interactive as well as dynamic web structures.

  6. Kotlin – The discussion will remain incomplete until Kotlin is not added to the discussion. One of the top 10 programming languages is quite popular at the forefront. Mobile App Development Companies India adds that it is also relished the reputation of the primary Android app development language.

  7. Swift – and here, we have Swift next on the list, which has turned into illustrious rapidly. It has also made place on the top 10 list of the best programming languages for mobile apps too and it shows how well it is working at the forefront. It is good to go as a primary mobile app development language to come up with an amazing app that has high-performance, powerful and interactive features.

  8. HTML5 – The latest version of HTML 5 is making a huge buzz at the forefront and Mobile App Development Companies USA also admits the same. Talking about the features of this language is that it comes up with multimedia support, faster time to market and multi-platform-supporting full functionality going incredibly well with different types of devices and browsers.

  9. C# – It is indeed a higher-level programming language sophisticated designed by Microsoft considering a part of .NET framework. It comes from C language and that is it has a similar syntax to C++ as well as Java.

  10. Ruby – It is pretty much similar to PHP and quite used for web development to form the basis of Ruby on Rails Framework. Ruby is found the best to choose since it holds friendliest features with itself. It holds straightforward syntax regarded smart as well as viable language.