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Latest Add on to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The game, Legend of Zelda was quite popular among the players, but in the previous sessions, it provides a very little amount of guidance. While considering the 1986 classic part, there was not any drawn-out tutorials as well as there was the absence of mini maps. With the absence of mini maps, the players get deviated, and they get confused where to go.

While playing the previous sessions of Legend of Zelda the players get plopped in a different mysterious and strange world. The players can get back to their position by killing the monsters that made them lost in the strange world. All these features made the game of Legend of Zelda a true adventure to go through for the players.

After a long time gap, the game has taken a crucial step to go through various add-on that will make the game more adventurous and exciting to play. In that case the Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild is the latest add-on or the most recent entry in the gaming world. The game is further critically applauded a…

All that Cloudbleed wants you to know about the Internet Security Disaster

A tiny bug in the code of Cloudbleed has released a considerable quantity of personal information, passwords, cookies, messages, and much more of data that is leaked all over the internet. The vulnerability that Cloudbleed currently has is too scary to deal with.

However, there is still good news in the dark. Considered among the largest companies dealing with the internet securities, Cloudflare, took fast action when the security researcher of Google's Project Zero, Tavis Ormandy caught the vulnerability.

The dark news comes with the websites that were backed by Cloudflare had been experiencing a leak in their data for many months before Tavis Ormandy identifying the bug. The data leak was initiated back in September 2016 as reported by Cloudflare. It is still not clear whether the blackhat hackers had got hold of the vulnerability already and secretly exploited much before Cloudflare correcting the code. The clients of Cloudflare include big companies like OKCupid, Uber, FitBi…

NASA Formally Announced the Discovery of Seven Exoplanets

"NASA has formally announced its new discovery of seven exoplanets, marking the new breakthrough in our quest to find Earth-like planets outside our solar system."
NASA has made formal announcement of the discovery of seven new planets outside our solar system, marking the new progress in humanity’s quest to find planets that revolve around starts other then the sun. The announcement was released on 22 February, featuring several representatives as speakers. Aside from announcing the official statement of discovery report; among them are prominent scientists working exclusively on exoplanets and the possibilities of bio signatures in those planets. This discovery could be a major breakthrough of our never-ending quest of finding earth-like planets in different solar system.

NASA’s Official Announcement Featured Prominent Scientists The official announcement by NASA was carried by several prominent scientists and researchers, including those who focus their researches on exopl…

Google Fact Checking Feature Now Extended to Five Countries

Fake news and hoaxes that are currently plaguing the internet have pushed Google to add fact checking feature in Google News. After starting the project in the US, Google now has added five more countries to its list of areas where Google News’ fact checking feature can be applied. People who use Google in these five countries (plus the US) will now have the ability to use fact-checked resources when referring to any news or articles. This can be the first step toward global effort to minimize the effects of unchecked articles, hoaxes, and fake news.

Three American Latin Countries to Get Fact Check Feature Google established fact checking feature for the US, Germany and France in year 2016, and the company now has expanded its global reach by adding similar features to three Latin countries. Argentina, Mexico and Brazil will be the first three countries outside the US, Germany and France to have fact checking feature in their Google websites. Users can use this feature in Google News…

Shipping Appears far for Magic Leap

Magic leap shocked the entire world after it presented some of its very interesting AR demos. It was successful in letting the entire world know how the AR can change, how the world can change. Magic leap did not have much news coming till the company's technical prototype AR device got leaked online. This has created negative publicity for the company. The company was talked for presenting technology in a way that is far behind than it actually is.

The negativity about the company started when the news regarding the technology site leaked in December. The information that the executives of Magic Leap were exaggerating the readiness and quality of the AR device that they had innovated along with its prototype was inferior to those from the competitors' projects such as project HoloLens of Microsoft was circulated. A leaked photo is showing that Business Insider published technology to be bulkier.

The CEO of Magic Leap in Florida, Rony Abovitz expressed his views on Twitter th…

Arizona State to Become Starting Place for Self-Driving Uber

Despite backlashes and negative publicity because of sexual harassment, customer neglect reports, sexism, and public protests that made the CEO stepped down from tech advisory board of President Trump’s new cabinet, Uber still does not stop innovating to offer the next best thing for the customers. Tapping out to futuristic dream of automatic, self-driving cars, Uber has currently offered its first self-driving fleet to customers in Arizona State, USA. While this shows Arizona’s open-minded approach toward progressive tech inventions, the application of the new fleet has resulted from various rejections and roadblocks.

Arizona’s Progressive Stance on Advanced Car Tech While many other states in the US still reject self-driving car, Arizona has always had more progressive stance when it comes to car technology. Self-driving car fleet, which comes in the form of Volvo XC90, will serve customers in Arizona not too long after its establishment. The proposal itself had been rejected sever…

Google Maps Released Personalized List to Rate and Share

The needs for sharing, including sharing information about recommended places, has prompted Google to tweak its Google Maps app with this ability to share. Recently, Google Maps released list sharing function, in which people can create personalized list for recommended places that they can rate, store, and share with friends or acquaintances. Originally started small from Google Local Guides, this feature is now a new staple for both Android and iOS users. This is also a a part of Google’s efforts to increase the social element in its main apps.

Google Maps’ New List for More Social Engagement Google decided to improve the Google Maps function with personalized list because the company saw the changing nature in how people connect to each other. Google Maps was originally created as helpful guide to help people go from point A to B, like an actual map. However, people nowadays constantly look for distractions and new way to socialize through the online world. Google realized the pote…

Facebook to Launch New Apps for TV Streaming

Facebook finally recognized the TV-watching trend that no longer resemble two decades ago. With the rising trend of streaming TV shows and sharing, uploading or downloading videos, Facebook decided to go on board by introducing series of new apps. In order to improve the frequencies of video uploading and downloading, Facebook has started to make changes on the newsfeed regarding of how a video file is played. The new apps will also be related to various popular video and TV-streaming websites for more immersive experience.

Current Changes in Facebook Video Features According to interview by CODE Media with Facebook VP for partnership program Dan Rose, the new apps will be connected to popular video and TV-streaming platforms, such as Fire TV (Amazon), Apple TV, and Smart TV technology from Samsung. This step is a part of Facebook’s global efforts to increase engagement through audio visual file sharing, since videos have been proven as effective tools to increase online engagement. F…

Rumours of New Feature, Samsung Galaxy S8 Stirring the Market

The fans of Samsung phones are going crazy over the leaked pictures of the upcoming Smartphone model. According to the rumours on the internet, the classy looking infinity screen and the invisible home button are the features of the new Samsung phone. But the outstanding possible feature of the upcoming model of Samsung that is sweeping gadget-crazy people is the possible addition of second selfie camera.

The leaked pictures were all on the social media of China. In the leaked pictures of the upcoming model of Samsung S8, there appear two holes of camera lens present on the right side of the front of the device. The images give a confirmation about the absence of the home button and the infinity screen to be larger than before.

According to the reliable sources, the announcement of the brand new Smartphone Samsung S8 will not be made official until April. On the contrary, the new images appear showing the device's front cover. The two circular holes present on the right side of…

Price War Initiated by Verizon Through its Unlimited Date Plan

The event of stock assembly led the telecom organization to face the drop out of their shares in the share market. In that situation, Verizon came out with the drop of 0.9% on Monday. At the same time, the T-mobile dropped its share with 2.4% as well as the AT & T dropped its shares with 1.8%. In that context, Sprint lost its share with 1.3%.

With this figure the senior equity research analyst, David Heger mentioned in his statement that this movement in the figures of the companies is the resultants that are absorbed in the price war. Heger has done this analysis along with Edward Jones.

The statement of the price war which has been mentioned in the statement of David Heger is such a situation which has already been continuing from since few years. With that, he added to it regarding the fact that T-mobile who has ended its contract of two years almost four years ago. Similarly, at the same time Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T started the trend of cancelling all the data plans …

Google Maps makes Traveling Easier

With the growth of technology, there has been an implausible development in the Google maps. It has become the hope for the people who love to travel many places. It makes people get through the details of many known and unknown places before visiting there. So on the whole Google Maps is one of the great applications created by Google.

While people are willing to visit new places at that time people can make their proper planning. In that context, Google made available the whole process by which the directions for travel can get quicker to the users.

For that reason, this availability of navigation introduced by Google created an ease by which the users can visit their favourite places. With the selection of favourite places, users can also have the facility to go there as per their feasibility. This clear organisation for future reference is also available in the Google Maps which adds to make the app user-friendly for the users.

For example, if any person wants a break from his…

How magnetic robot swarms can fight cancer?

According to a recent medical research, magnetic robot swarms can help in cure of diseases. These robots are microscopic in size and are controlled by magnetic forces. The research says that these swarms can help in fighting cancerous elements present inside the human body.

Since past several years, it is proved by the scientists that magnetic forces can be manipulated and diverted through advanced medical technology. These forces offer guidance to the medical devices present inside our bodies for controlling movement of objects. Let us take an example. The magnetic fields were utilized for shifting a catheter located in the heart or for steering capsules inside the gut. Initially, magnetic fields were also utilized for controlling swarms of small-sized magnets. Thus, it implies that such kind of technology can work for resolving complicated medical issues such as cancer.

Though the above process sounds useful, it is a challenging task to guide members of microscopic instruments to …

Apple Music as to be Starting Platform for Original TV Shows

Apple has delved into the world of original TV shows with its Planet of the Apps series, which are really popular and even have managed to leverage their popularity with guest stars such as Jessica Alba and This year, Apple is back for the next original show plan, complete with more established strategy to improve the program. Eddy Cue, Apple’s SPV, currently explained Apple’s main strategy in improving the original TV series program, especially by using Apple Music as platform.

Apple New TV Shows Will be Based on Carpool Karaoke Being interviewed at recent CODE Media conference, Cue explained Apple’s strategy to play further into the TV show game by starting from two things: Apple Music and already-popular series. According to him, the new series project will be based on Carpool Karaoke, an original musical-comedy online series made popular by James Corden. The show itself has found immense fame due to collaborations with stars such as Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and even Mic…

Sony to Release New Smartphones at Mobile World Congress 2017

This year’s Mobile World Congress is likely to be the time when Sony shows its new smartphones, which is rumored to be in the process of launching. According to various leaks, Sony has manufactured at least six smartphones with various latest features. All the new phones were thought to be mid-range products, but with the delayed releases by various manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi, Sony definitely has stepped up to be the center of attention at Mobile World Congress 2017.

New Sony Smartphones Will Have the Latest FeaturesAll five of Sony’s new smartphones are coded Pikachu, Yoshino, BlancBright, Keyaki, Hinoki and Mineo. They are intended for mid-range to low-budget buyers, but with the latest features to support the phone’s functions. All the phones will run on Android 7.0 Nougat, complete with features such as 4K display, HD screen, and Snapdragon 835 as the processor. This means that the phones will support multitasking and frequent mobile activities.

The first four phones…

Valve Stands By Paid Mods Despite Skyrim ‘Mess’

The president of Valve, Gabe Newell, understands that the modders should be paid for their hard work. Often, making new modifications for video games id time taking and, sometimes it gets quite tough. Some people make themselves to realize a vision and then make a decision to share it with other consecutive players. There are modders available that must cease this hobby, as the time is money. As much fun it takes to create mode, if there is no money to pay the bills, it gets difficult to justify it and continue.

Valve decided to give modders a way to get paid for their efforts by giving them the ability to set a price, in April 2015. Of course, many of them did not take the idea very kindly. From personal experience, there were specific modders that believed that donations were considered, but payment wasn’t required. After all, most of them have a Nexus Mod page, there was a donate button available.

“The Skyrim situation- well, it was a mess,” Newell stated this week. “It was not th…

iPhone 8 Could Break All the Previous Records of Apple

Apple’s new Smartphone iPhone 8 is capable of breaking all the company’s previous records that were once set by the iPhone 6 that has been the most popular and famous model by far. If it happens then this will be the biggest achievement of the tech world, who wants to beat the South Korean company, Samsung to become the biggest and fastest Smartphone manufacturer in the world.

According to news headlines, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities explains that the Cupertino Company can easily infringe the iPhone 6 sales record as around 150 million units of the new Smartphone will be sold by three new flagships. He also told the reporters that the suppliers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming iPhone 8, which could have the benefits like wireless charging, a new sleek design that would represent the aesthetic beauty of iPhones and that would mean more success for Apple.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

One of the most astonishing details that were reported by Kuo was that the supplier…

Advertising Made Easier In Facebook after Facing Criticism

According to the reports, Facebook would agree to review all the information that it provides to marketers with new and more detailed data measurement. Less than 15 days after Procter & Gamble, the biggest advertising company in America criticized the lack of plainness provided by the digital advertising platforms.

The social network was also reported to provide various options to the marketers for buying the video ads this year. The changes were announced by Facebook after the chief brand officer Marc S. Pritchard demanded that the digital ad industry grows up by criticizing the different platforms including YouTube and Facebook that define whether an advertisement has been viewed and lack of sources used to calculate the digital ad presentation.

The marketers will be paid if their ad is viewed completely till the end and if the volume was on. The nonprofit media rating council will be examining the accuracy of the information that the social network gives to the marketers. The …

Facebook looming over Snapchat to identify the moves that raised its popularity in youngsters

Two years back Facebook was looking for ways to get its users to post more, and to reach their target, they improvised their mobile apps and socializing experience. Facebook has been one of the most popular social media site and the most widely used socializing tool. And now it is seeking to learn moves from the newbie Snapchat, and trying to identify their ‘secret’ element that triggers teens and young adults to post more photos. It’s not the first time when Facebook pulled Snapchat move, it has borrowed many camera features and tricks from it.

Facebook has earlier tested Snapchat styled cameras, effects, filters and ephemeral photo. The company is now looking forward to add vanishing factor to the posted photos. The photos will now disappear within 24 hours unless someone starts a conversation on the posted photo. Apart from this, Facebook has also decided to clone the idea of placing camera icon. The upgraded versions will have camera icon placed onto the top left corner of the m…

“New” UAC Port by Apple is Not Apple’s Product, also Not New

“Ultra Accessory Connector” is a confusing name for the Apple brand for an already-existing port. This connector is also known as “Ultra Mini Connector” or the “UC-E6,” isn’t new and it is also not invented by Apple.

According to a 9to5Mac report, Apple has announced that it is going to add support for a new connector to its accessory licensing program known as “Made for iPhone.” Apple claims that this is not the same device instead the “UAC” is a smaller in size than the Lightning or USB-C that can be used for transferring data as well as to charge the devices.

In reality, the UAC is just a name given by the Apple brand for a device that is already in used since a long time now in the digital cameras and other accessories. The UAC, by Apple, has a new moniker nothing else new in the device. It is known by various names by various brands like the Mitsumi calls it as an “Ultra Mini Connector” and Nikon calls it as “UC-E6” cable. It is just another connector for the old USB port. When …

Apple to Be Launching Its First Augmented Reality Glasses

Apple is soon to be launching the augmented reality glasses into the world. A leading expert has confirmed the news that Apple is planning to launch its first Augmented Reality glasses this year. According to a source, it is believed that the iPhone makers are working on developing lightweight glasses with a smaller display that will get linked to a user’s iPhone respectively.

Robert Scoble, who was featured in the commercial photo shoot wearing a Google’s Glass in the shower who is also a respected blogger made the predictions about the Apple’s AR glasses during the online show of ‘This Week in Tech.’ Scoble cited ‘many sources’ that are situated ‘at the higher levels,’ and repeated his previous words that Apple will be launching its first ever AR headset soon.

According to the blogger, Apple has finally made a decision to move into its new ‘Spaceship’ HQ later this year or on the unveiling of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in September, where the latest iPhone 8 will be announc…

Google Home just Went a Little Bonkers with the Google Home Commercial

Google’s advertisement for its Home device was one of the most talked about event of last night. Google’s viewers having their own Google home were left totally irritated and annoyed by the advertisement, because there was a hitch and the advert had made Google home go ‘Haywire’. Users were annoyed by the ad, as their home system thought that the TV was trying to communicate with them.

Super Bowl Commercial brings in the ‘problem’
Google home stays dormant until someone says ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Google’, but last night, during the Super bowl commercial, the home systems heard instead TV broadcast say those things or the phrases for Google home to snap up from the dormant phase, this caused them to turn on their TVs. Google which planned to use the commercial of Super Bowl for Google home connectivity service but this commercial end up in confusion for those who already have it.

Users took to twitter to complain
Users who faced this problem last night took to twitter and spread words of…

Facebook to Develop App for Television Set-Top Boxes

Facebook is reported to create a social app for television set-top boxes soon, including Apple Inc’s Apple TV, the Wall Street Journal reportedly confirmed by citing people familiar with the matter. The world’s most famous and the largest online social network is also in the talks with media companies to avail long-form, TV-quality programming facilities, as reported by a Journal.

An app specially developed for set-top boxes would bring Facebook adjacent to live videos and advertisements. When asked to Facebook about this proposal, it declined to comment on any such news.

Getting numerous advertisers to buy more video ads is a key to Facebook’s continued revenue growth as such type of advertisements fetch higher rates from the advertisers than the text or photo-related advertisements.

Live video is a popular and in trend feature that is becoming quite competitive on social platforms. With the companies that are competing to stream all the famous and popular sports events and exclusi…

Samsung MWC 2017 Event Teasing the Galaxy Tab S3 Launch

Samsung has started featuring media invite for the MWC event where the company is supposed to unveil the Galaxy Tab S3. The Samsung’s MWC event will be taking place on 26th February 2017, 7 pm onwards and the invite indicating at a tablet sort of device.

Samsung has accepted that it won’t be discovering the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress and it is now the right time for the TabS3. The Samsung Galaxy TabS3, a descendant to last year’s Galaxy Tab S2 has passed through the FCC and Korea’s News reports that the tablet will be seen with a 9.6-inch display. The display of the tablet is proposed to come with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels and that will be power-driven by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor.

The Samsung galaxy Tab S3 is likely to borrow a lot from the Samsung galaxy s7. The Galaxy S7 is an excellent device to own and aside from a smattering of rumors and leaks, Samsung has successfully kept its tablets under wraps for the release. The powerful Exynos 8890 chip that is …

Comcast’s Starts Beta Testing for Roku

It is the X1 platform that covers all the live broadcast channels, cloud recordings, and video-on-demand services, but without X1 box. It has been almost a year now since the Comcast last announced its work on the “Xfinity TV partner app” for Samsung and Roku, and the Roku version is now ready for the actual beta testing. The Xfinity TV beta app is available now in the channel store, with access to “live and on-demand programming services, including local broadcast as well as Public Educational and Governmental channels, along with their cloud DVR recordings.”

According to Comcast, this beta test is done so that it can check out the performance and added features before the official launch actually happens later this year. The customers should also expect their full in-home cable experience that will be just delivered over Comcast’s “locally managed network” as the IPTV instead of the traditional QAM broadcasting. The locally managed network also means that whatever you are watching…