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LG G6 to Launch the First Non-Pixel Phone to Pack Google Assistant

After launching the modular device this year, the G5, the South Korean electronics company LG will be launching its G6 Smartphone with the Google voice assistant by next month, as reported by the media.

According to a report from CNET, LG G6 will be the first Smartphone that will be outside the box of Google’s own pixel range with Google Assistant. This will give the users all the usual voice commanding functionality that is expected from a digital assistant which will also access to Google’s Chatbot-style interface.

It is interesting to know that although these voice interfaces have been available in the Smartphones for a while now, they have recently been associated with the pitch for high-end devices. Samsung S8 is said to have a beefed-up virtual assistant which will incorporate tech from its profit of Viv labs.

Google assistant will be very helpful for the LG electronics while all the other technology firms are introducing their voice assistant service. “The difficult task for t…

Apple Comes with First iOS 10.3 Beta that Brings Find My AirPods Support and Much More

Good news for developers trying their hands with iPhones, iPads or iPod touch. The iOS 10.3 beta is available for them by Apple. It was though rumored earlier about iOS 10.3 releasing this week, coming with a latest Theater Mode Toggle through Control Center. Well, Apple has been pretty consistent in terms of releasing beat. An identical feature-packed software beta was released during the same time last year along iOS 9.3, coming with Night Shift, new CarPlay features, and the updated stock applications. Beta edition of iOS 9.3 was released by Apple on January 11. However, the official edition of the same was released on 21st March. It means Apple has maintained the process and pattern of releasing Beta this year as well.

It is here to note that releasing time of iOS 9.3 was released with the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Hence, it can be easily speculated that the iOS 10.3 can meet the same timing as with the availability of three iPads those were rumored to be available during coming quarter…

What to do Regarding Cisco Stock After its $3.7 Billion AppDynamics Buy

Cisco buys AppDynamics for 3.7 billion dollars. Investors those have stocks in startups can be termed lucky, if they have to pick from various options like, receiving stock in any public company, getting cash, or having stocks through publicly traded owner.

AppDynamics, the software developer based on San Francisco that incorporates and enhances the performance of business systems, almost got the first option cited above, but, ultimately Cisco systems appeared and provided them another opportunity. This can be termed as an enchanting deal for the shareholders of AppDynamics, or a way to avoid Cisco stock.

Prior going through the underneath reasons, given below are the aspects that the start-up shareholders should bank on when they have the privilege to choose the exit option.

IPO shares offer perfectly aimed advantage and risk.
If an investor trusts that the company will keep up its growth process, the IPO shares can be best options. However, the CEO of the company is inexperience…

What Modifications Apple Customers are Going to Introduce in the 2017 iPhone?

The 2017 iPhone has already become talk of town and several reports have claimed that the new iPhone will have modifications in the Touch ID. The upcoming version is also likely to explore a 2-step recognition system. A latest report has revealed some of the expectations with Apple’s 2017 version. Apart from having biometric identification technology, this iPhone will also boast of having elegant and intimidating structural changes. On comparing with its predecessor’s the phone can also have flexibility to some point. Apple regularly change their product roadmap and has been in the habit of bring out the most advanced and classy phones for the Apple lovers.

What’s New in this version?
On the basis of evaluations made by some of notable analyst, Apple is also likely to do hardware changes in the upcoming version. The new generation of iPhone series will have updated 3D touch ID to complement its full screen form factor design. The speculations about upcoming iPhone have also revealed …

The Story of Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Battery Explosions, Recall and Modification!

Samsung had launched its high selling Smartphone, Galaxy Note 7 in August. The phone got a lot of praises during the initial days but the rosy start turned out to be pretty sour later. The problem rose to a level that Samsung has to recall all the sold out devices within a month. The main reason behind the recall was the faulty batteries which didn’t really work with the device. The batteries had the problem of overheating, which lead to explosion and damage of the entire device. By the end of October, the makers had to recall about 2 million Galaxy Note 7 devices and discontinue the product eventually. The recall will cost Samsung a huge amount.

Recall of Galaxy Note 7
Having identified the faults and issues with the note 7, a report was released by the makers. In the report, company detailed the flaws in the design of battery and the defects in the manufacturing. These were the main reasons that caused the crisis and made Samsung lose about 5.3 billion. Recalling of a product has n…

Is the Success of Windows 10 Hindered by Windows 7?

Talking about something related to the technology could not be away from the products which are using the great technology. That enables anyone who is in this digital era to be completely really helped by the existence of the technology. Of course, the rapidly developed technology makes everything to be much better and simpler. What about the existence of the new Windows series which might be really that much better compared to its predecessors? However, perhaps we could not see its great popularity of the Windows 10 which has not that much users or even fans. Some users might still choose to use the Windows 7. Of course, many people said that the Windows 10 just could not grab the Windows 7 users’ attentions even though some of them also get moved to the recent Windows.

In the year of 2015 when Windows 10 has not arrived yet, the users of Windows 7 are about 61%. Then, based on the data, it can be seen that the users of the Windows 7 in the year of 2016 is about 48%, while the Windo…

The New Google Feature Named Instant Tethering for the Android Devices

The great development of the technology makes everything to be much simpler than the usual. The rapid development of technology is made to be totally that great for the better simplicity in this digital era when everything sounds to be never impossible. Now, Google is also preparing such the new feature which is offered to the Android device which will be such the good news for them who are the android devices users. Of course, any of you have been really excited when you hear that Google offers the new feature for the devices with the Android operating system. Still, that is because there are so many people who become the users of the Android devices, including the android smartphones or even the android tablet PC or others.

So, what is the recent good news from Google then? That is about the upcoming new feature of the instant tethering which will be able to be enjoyed by the users of the android devices. They have made a start to roll out that feature. What the feature is about th…

What to Choose Between Samsung A7 and ZTE Blade V8 pro?

Recently Samsung launched its new innovation with A7 (2017) at $530. This Smartphone is available in some Asian countries for now and soon it’s going to launch over the Europe. But there is no news regarding its launch over the US. With respect to this phone, ZTE launched its new Smartphone Blade V8 pro. This Smartphone is priced at $230 and is available in the market of the US through various E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg.

Features of both the Smartphones are typically same, but the price range is different. Both the phones come with the Mid-ranged Smartphones, but there is a huge gap of approximately $300 in their cost.

So let’s have a look at the specifications of both the Smartphones so that we can judge the price difference.

Specifications of Samsung A7:- • 5.7-inch super AMOLED display with 1080*1920 pixels of resolution. It has a pixel density of 386 PPI.
• It features an ‘always on’ screen which enhances the battery saving mode. From here you can …

Meet Uber’s New SVP of Engineering, ‘Amit Singhal’

Former Google search chief has been hired by Uber as SVP of Engineering. The latest hire, Amit Singhal, has an accomplished history. He will now be part of Uber’s maps and marketplace department, and also share his advices with CEO, VP and the co-founders on their efforts to build out the best through self-driving technology. The last news that broke about Singhal was when he was bidding goodbye to Google, after working for 15 years. His farewell letter to Google sounded more like a retirement announcement, but here he is back to work and share his insights with Uber. Singhal is back in an executive role with a much younger, yet influential technology enterprise in the world.

The ‘Singhal’ Story-from zero to hero!
Singhal first started off his career with a foundation established by him and his wife. Having thrown himself into philanthropic pursuit, his aim was to deliver quality education for those kids who were not able to attend top schools because of financial situations. He star…

Mark Zuckerberg’s Insights over the Acquisition Principles of Facebook

You must have heard of the most popular Social Media Platform – ‘Facebook’. Facebook got its originality on Feb 4, 2004. There are a lot of exciting stories related to Facebook. The co-creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has always mentioned about their struggling journey towards success. He is a very good motivational speaker. He is a very active person and loves to share his memorable experiences with others. According to a recent survey, it is confirmed that Facebook is having more than a billion of active users per month. With this impressive number, it’s obvious that the revenue count of this social media company is also high.

You should have heard the news that Facebook is acquiring many small companies. In some recent years, it has acquired over Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. All these companies are now under the roof of Facebook. But do you think acquiring such companies would have been an easy task for Mark Zuckerberg. In a recent testimony at the Dallas courtroom, Zuc…

New medium Format Cameras Launched by Fujifilm - GFX 50 S, XT20, and X-100F

Fujifilm has been the most popular brands among the top imaging and photography companies. It’s a Japanese company which has its headquarter in Tokyo. It’s a very old company which has been providing its services from the time of Second World War. With the due time, it has improved its technology and services to satisfy its users. Fujifilm has always proved with its medium format cameras. In this 21st century, it is back to surprise with its latest innovations.

Previously it was rumored that Fujifilm will launch some of its medium format cameras. But now the news is confirmed with the launch of its three new upcoming cameras named - GFX 50 S, X-T20, and X100F. The GFX 50 S was in rumors for a couple of days regarding its specifications and technologies. But with the launch, the specifications along with its release date and price are revealed. This is great news for the photographic industry as there will be more cameras of Fujifilm in the market.

So let’s have a look at the specif…

Microsoft Rolls on StaffHub that Allows Being in Connection with the Workers Without a Desktop!

StaffHub is going to be a part of enterprise’s productivity!
Microsoft has rolled out new Office 365 on Thursday that has eased the process of assigning schedules for the workers who don’t access desktop. Managers of the companies are going to reap the benefits exclusively.

StaffHub is designed for the managers who require assigning daily schedules to the employees. It was quite tedious to set schedules for the workers without a desk. Now it is quite easier for the managers to set schedule and distribute resources of the enterprise with the employees with this simple interface. The employees in the enterprise even can use StaffHub for swapping their shifts with others. This can also be used for chatting too.

Microsoft integrates this new interface aiming to expand the usage of Office 365. Productivity feature of Cloud is helpful for the technical workers but the workers who aren’t even proficient with Word Documents or sending emails through Outlook suffer a lot.

Any user on StaffHub wo…

Snapchat Integrates Universal Search Feature which Amazingly has Simplified Navigation

Amazing credibility of Snapchat is proven with its increasing followers and users. This mobile messaging application is globally appreciated for sharing texts, drawing, photos as well as videos. With the growing numbers of users, Snapchat is being revised from time to time. Recently Snapchat is revised with integration of an amazing feature.

Now, using Snapchat is much easier with this feature. Universal Search feature integrated with Snapchat enables the users to search for friends or groups easily. With this feature, users can discover publishers and stories.

The Universal Search bar is displayed at the top of the app. This upgraded feature is available for some Android users from today and soon would be rolled out for every iOS and Android users. This app can be used for finding out the best conversations or any other content from Snapchat.

As per the spokesperson of Snapchat, this integrated interface in Snapchat is intended to increase the speed and performance of the app. With …

HP Spectre X360 Review

Premium laptop from HP has touched the ground. The HP Spectre 360 is what you call as superb laptop with a number of high tech features. Even this laptop can be compared with MacBook from Apple. In its basics, the laptop has a line of premium parts including its high quality IPS display, Intel processor, large glass trackpads, aluminum chasses, and also USB Type-C that is added with Thunderbolt 3. When all those features are put together, they produce competent laptop with excellent performance.

HP Spectre Design
On the outside, HP Spectre represents modern and sophisticated design. Its entire body is made of aluminum to deliver premium feel. Its color is bold without any head turning color scheme yet is gorgeous. Take a look at the speaker grille and the keyboard which are very nice. Even more, HP has chosen the right place for the small branding. It is on the hinge so it is only visible when the laptop is turned into tablet mode. The latest version of Spectre chose to go with more…

4 Free Sleep Apps to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Do you think that your sleep is enough in terms of quantity and quality? Do you know that not enough sleep may lead to concentration problems and even health problems? Imagine what may happen when you ride a vehicle in sleepy state. On average, adults need 8 hours of sleep a day. How do you know that you have get enough sleep?

Technology offers you the solution. Some sleep apps are now available offering different information. Some apps serve as sleep trackers; some work as sleep therapy, and some others work as dreaming tools. Find the difference in your life by using the following free sleep apps.
4 Great Free Sleep Apps
This sleep app is available for iOS gadgets. You will enjoy this free app if you gadget runs on iOS 10. It comes with a lot of features, including Bedtime, stop watch, timer, and world clock. It lets you set the time to go to bed and the time to wake up. You can also set notification time to remind you before the scheduled bedtime.

So, what makes it differen…

Top Five of Best Chat Applications 2016

We know that SMS becomes passed for user who using Smartphone. Slowly but sure, certain peoples still use the SMS but there is more than ordinary chat. Some chatting applications offer you something further through many functions that can make your life easier, such as: group chat, game, video call, audio recorder, etc. the chat applications can replace the SMS but these applications basically hold the SMS concept as the main function. With the tons of chat applications make you difficult to know which the best chat applications for you and your friends as well. To help you make the decision, this article will give you chance to use the best chat application inside your Smartphone. As you know that chat/messaging applications is the application for your communication through chatting. Several applications can be installed in your Smartphone which use OS android, iOS or Windows. Every application have differences features as well.

Top five of best chat applications for your Smartphone:

Several Recovery Data Software’s for Your Data Loss

You should notice that the professional recovery data software really able to help to handle and recovery your data loss. Every peoples had been experience the data loss problems, such as: you turn on your computer they found that the virus had been remove your entire important file. You will feel horrible and think that you file will gone forever. You can solve your problem using the recovery data software for your solution in your data loss. With the recovery data, you can recover your data which been compressed and encrypted. You can do the recovery in your deleted email; recover from some hard drives in certain locations or in your other devices. The recovery files also able to recover the file that had been deleted from recycle bin, broken files or files inside your hard drive. The recovery data software usually support any types of hard drive and the other media removable including USB rive, CD, etc. but most of them think that recovery data software is hard to use. However, th…

The Day Robots Steal Our Jobs Could Actually Come

A few years ago, we could only have our jaws dropped watching movies portraying robots from the future. Everything seems so far, dreamy and simply impossible. How can human develop a robot that can do house chores, work in a factory, counting and even killing other people? But now, robot developments have come to a very mature stage that it is not impossible to see massive robotization in the near future.

Inventors create robots to make human life easier. Let the robots do the hard work in every industry and work place so we don’t have to. At first glance, it’s definitely very convenient to have a robot do all the dull jobs for us. But in the same time, some people think that deploying robots as a new workforce is a threat for human. When robots can do things human usually do and even substitute them, more efficient and hardworking robots will finally steal human jobs. But is it true? Is it possible that the era of robotization is around the corner and we will face massive unemployme…

Best Application for Photo Editing in Android

For anyone who has Smartphone or tablet with the android system becomes the bigger advantage for your daily use. As we know that everyone cannot stand without Smartphone. All of your need, especially communication had been provided inside your Smartphone. Android had different operational system. Android has ability which makes the user freely able to customize the look on their operational systems based on their need. Besides that, there are plenty applications which you can download freely or paid system in Google Play Store.

There are some best applications for photo editing that you can get free download:

1. Color Booth Pro Color Booth Pr is the photo editing application where the user can change the eyes colors and give the natural eye color like contact lens. You can download this application for free in the Google Play Store and there are 2 versions that you can download, they are: free and paid systems.

2. Lab PRO This is a photo editing which very interesting, the user…

Get Ready for Super Mario Run on Android Smartphones

Some people previously claimed that the coming of Super Mario Run to android was a scam; and some even assumed that it might be a malware. However, it seems that Super Mario Run will be available for Android users at the beginning 2017, as now it is enjoyed exclusively by iOS owners after it was released on December 15, 2016. The coming of this android game application was signed by its popping up on Google Play store. It seems that Nintendo will actually make a a true debut on mobile gadgets, and Super Mario Run will mark it.

The Coming of Super Mario Run Confirmed

The coming of Super Mario Run in 2017 to android was confirmed by Tatsumi Kimishima (Nintendo President) in an interview with a Japanese Newspaper, Kyoto Shimbun. He even stated that Nintendo will also release more than two additional smartphone games, in addition to Super Mario Run. Nintendo has set a plan that smartphone games will be its third stream of revenue, in addition to games and console hardware.

Super Mario is a…

Most Exciting Gadgets going to release in 2017

What does year 2017 bring? New Year always starts off with a knock for us. This year is pretty much ended, as far as the world of technology is alarmed. Year 2017 is almost here and here is the list of gadgets that will be launched coming year2017.all the gadgets are that I think to which everyone should be the most agitated about.

Samsung Galaxy S8 the first smartphone with 8GB of memory released in 2017: Samsung is expected to release its two new models in coming year.

Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone 8: According to recent reports and rumors the Apple’s next model Iphone 8 is expected to come with refresh for the product. The phone comes with all glass design, an organic LED display, new screen size, no home button and many more features.

Apple iPhone 8

Nintendo Switch: The video game company named as Iconic is going to launch the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo switch is a new gaming console which works on TV and is twice as a portable moveable system. Nintendo proclaimed the Switch by fall a vid…