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Tesla Model S 60 Will Be Discontinued From April 16

"Tesla Model S 60 will not be offered anymore from April 16 due to various reasons, such as simplifying the ordering process or not selling well"

Less than a year after introducing its cheapest model S, Tesla is reportedly discontinuing its offer for a reason. Tesla Model S 60 was introduced in June 2016. It is now the shortest range, and the cheapest version, which starts at $68.000. Actually, the model S is available in two versions, namely the Model S 60 that comes with a 60 kWh battery and rear-wheel drive, and the model S 60 D, which is equipped with a 60 kWh battery and all-wheel drive. The latter version now starts at $73.000.

According to some online media, discontinuation of Tesla Model S 60 will be effective from April 16, 2017. For those who still want the cheapest Tesla Model, they still have a chance to place order until April 16. Meanwhile, those who have bought the 60 kWh Model S can still upgrade their battery to a 75 kWh version.

Why Tesla Model S 60 Is Discontinued

Many people ask the reason behind Tesla’s decision to discontinue its Model S. A company representative said that the reason is to simplify the ordering process. It seems that most customers prefer the more expensive model. Even though they buy the cheapest one, the customers finally upgrade to a higher version later.

The customers Prefer Higher Versions?

Basically, the customers’ preference is predictable. The higher version, Model S with 75 kWh battery, starts only at $74.500 for rear-wheel drive, and $79.500 for all-wheel drive. Meanwhile, Tesla Model S with 90 kWh battery starts at $89.500 for all-wheel drive version. In other words, by paying only $1.500 more, the customers can get a higher version. The company finally found that most customers choose to buy the 75 kWh versions.

When the 60 kWh batteries were first introduced in June 2016, the starting price was only $66.000. It increased to $68.000 in November 2016. The rear-wheel drive (RWD) option has a range of 210 miles and 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds when Tesla Model S 60 was introduced, while the all-wheel drive (AWD) option has a greater range and faster drive.

Actually, the Model S with RWD option still exists, but not with a 60 kWh battery. Instead, it comes with a 75 kWh battery, which runs at 80 percent. Therefore, it is easy for the buyers to upgrade it to a higher version. By paying around $9.500, the owners of Tesla Model S with the cheaper option can get its full capacity with a 75 kWh battery.

Tesla Model S 60 Is Not Selling Well?

As mentioned above, Tesla’s decision to chop the cheapest version makes sense, since the difference in price between the lower and higher versions is not significant. If you save only few bucks by buying the lowest model, you will prefer a higher model by spending few more. Accordingly, the company concludes that discontinuation of the 60 kWh Model S will not deter the customers from buying the car.

Furthermore, instead of upgrading the 60 kWh Model S to 75 kWh Model S by paying around $3.000 more, the customers will choose to buy the 75 kWh model in the first place. This way, they do not need to pay anything and just enjoy the car with higher specs.

Tesla Model S 60 Reviewed

Actually, Tesla Model S was first introduced in 2015, where people welcomed it with fascination, due to the amazing colors. The original model started at $70.000 and Tesla decreased the price when it reintroduced the Model S with a new 60 kWh battery pack in June 2016. The company offered the cheapest model to encompass entry-level drivers. The car was designed to be the most exhilarating and the safest sedan.

The car is equipped with some interesting features, such as:

• All-electric power train, which is placed specifically to lower the car’s center gravity. This minimizes the risk for rollover.
• Aluminum pillars to provide side impacts and reduce intrusion, thus protecting the occupants.
• Eight air bags are available to protect both the front and the rear occupants in case of accident.
• Autopilot capabilities, which make your driving experience not only hassle-free but also stress-free
• Adaptive lighting with its full LED adaptive headlamps, which are designed to improve visibility at night
• Air filtration system with medical-grade HEPA, which works to remove all contaminants, such as bacteria and allergens from cabin air, thus providing the occupants with healthier air.
• A 17-inch Touchscreen to control the car’s functions. It helps in opening the all-glass panoramic roof, changing the radio station, customizing the climate control, and many more.
• HD backup camera to increase visibility and safety
• Many more features.

In its press release, the company also announced the chance to upgrade Tesla Model S 60 to a 75 kWh battery if the buyers wanted to add the car’s battery capacity. It seemed that Tesla actually had predicted that most buyers would finally do the upgrade.


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