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Google Bites on Apple iMessage with SMS features enhanced for Android

A serious upgradation is expected to be delivered by Android Messages and will be defined on the phones that sold by more than around 27 device makers and mobile operators around the world. The plan of Google to bring out messaging through SMS text into the modern age of internet and run the race with Apple iMessage is finally coming to shape.

The company reported that 27 more of device makers and wireless operators around the globe will very soon lend support for the Rich Communications Services, the level that provides enhanced features to texting through SMS, like photo sharing that is of high resolution, have options for group chats and read receipts. Mobile carriers like Deutsche Telecom, Globe, Orange will join Rogers, Telenor, and Sprint in preloading the Android with the new name as Android Messages because the traditional messaging app on the cell phones that their subscribers make use of.

The Central Activity Many manufacturers like Motorola, LG, ZTE, and Sony have reported t…

11 Latest Features Uncovered Of the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8

All the android lovers will be glad to know that there are just two more weeks left for the unveiling of the most awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ whereas the apple fans have to wait a little longer to get the latest iphone 8. After the last year’s Galaxy Note7 exploding scandal, now all the eyes are set on the release of the company’s next invention that is supposed to be reaching the public by the end of March 2017.

People have high expectations regarding the Smartphone’s features as well as their own safety too. A lot of rumors about the latest features of the Smartphone have been published and spread across the globe. People are really generous and eagerly want to know the true features of their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Here are 8 hottest new updated features that are expected to be on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+:

1. The Design That Matters

The Samsung galaxy S8 and the S8+ models are expected to boast the most elegant and unquestionably stunning design that ha…

AMD’s Ryzen and Naples: Here to Take the Glory Home

AMD’s new Ryzen processor has definitely succeeded in grabbing eyeballs after its launch due to the sheer brilliance of its power and capability. So far AMD has been a tough contender to all the intel’s best of processors including the recently rolled out Naples. The entire architecture of AMD’s Ryzen looks absolutely brilliant and runs smoothly when it comes to desktops. One of the first processors by AMD that uses the Zen architecture, Ryzen would be redefining the desktop processing in the near future.

While the Zen architecture is amply lauded across the industry for its multi-threaded approach to resolving heavy-duty job scheduling and processing aspect. As per the industry reports, that also concur with the reports released by the company itself, Ryzen has obviously scored high in terms of the various industry benchmarks for CPU. Moreover it has performed better than some of the best processors that have been put forward by Intel so far. Hence it will not be an exaggeration to…

Tesla Model S 60 Will Be Discontinued From April 16

"Tesla Model S 60 will not be offered anymore from April 16 due to various reasons, such as simplifying the ordering process or not selling well"
Less than a year after introducing its cheapest model S, Tesla is reportedly discontinuing its offer for a reason. Tesla Model S 60 was introduced in June 2016. It is now the shortest range, and the cheapest version, which starts at $68.000. Actually, the model S is available in two versions, namely the Model S 60 that comes with a 60 kWh battery and rear-wheel drive, and the model S 60 D, which is equipped with a 60 kWh battery and all-wheel drive. The latter version now starts at $73.000.

According to some online media, discontinuation of Tesla Model S 60 will be effective from April 16, 2017. For those who still want the cheapest Tesla Model, they still have a chance to place order until April 16. Meanwhile, those who have bought the 60 kWh Model S can still upgrade their battery to a 75 kWh version.

Why Tesla Model S 60 Is Disc…

Intel invests $15 billion on Mobileye to manufacture driverless car sector

Intel Corp (INTC.O) decided to buy Israeli autonomous vehicle technology firm Mobileye (MBLY.N) at a cost of $15.3 billion on Monday in a deal. It might push the U.S chipmaker into the direct competition against Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) and Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) for developing driverless systems for automakers worldwide.

Mobileye can thrust the world's largest computer chipmaker into the top spot of automotive suppliers when Intel has been moving for the market beyond from its core computer to semiconductor business.

It guarantees to heighten the arms race among the world's carmakers and suppliers to obtain self-sufficient vehicle technology, and it could fuel already-overheated valuations of self-driving start-ups.

The stakes are higher. In the previous year, Goldman Sachs assumed that autonomous vehicles market would expand from about $3 million to $96 million in 2025 and $290 million in 2035.

However, people have doubted whether auto companies and suppliers would be able t…

Some Android Applications Which You May Require in Your Day Life

Today, none of us have time to do some tasks practically such as to meet friends, to watch movies in theater halls, go to shopping for buying new clothes and much more. There are many applications which may help us. If we want to convey a message, you will find a number of applications over the internet, buy clothes? many shopping sites are available, planning a trip? you will get many agencies and their applications to get the best deal. So discussed below are some of the applications which save our time and or a life savior in this world we barely find it possible to free ourselves from work.

1. EVERNOTE - do you have a habit of forgetting the to do tasks or you are a student who is a good listener and notes down all the necessary points and loopholes of the topic but afraid of making a hard copy due to fear of losing it? leave your stress because Evernote is an app that is used to make notes and save it to your cloud storage. It is easy to use and you will find all your stored dat…

Best Android Games Which Will Steal Your Heart

Teenagers are very fond of games and love to spend some time playing on their personal computers and android phones. There are many games present on the internet which may put kids in a dilemma while selecting the best one meeting their taste. These days, very fewer games are present which are free of cost. If you are a game freak and love to try new games, then you should navigate through the list mentioned below.

1. ASPHALT 8- it is a racing game in an off-roading style. Players can choose their vehicles and unlock more by clarifying the levels. If you wish to, you can play multiplayer I.e- compete with many players, earn coins, clear levels. Apart from this, you will find various activities and tasks to perform in between the levels. If you are searching for some aggressive levels, then you have an option of purchasing its premium level.

2. CLASH ROYALE - it is a mobile video game which is multiplayer. This game is developed by supercell. The ranking is made by the level and numbe…

Apple is No Longer the Most Valuable Brand in the World As Google Grabbed the Top Position

Topsy turvy goes the road for Apple as it steps down from its lead position in the global market. Google leaps up to be the leading brand in the world. Apple lacks innovation in its pipeline. Slipping down to the 2nd global position in the list of most valuable global brands it has brought the brand value of Apple Inc. way down.

Google, the leader in the market GOOGL,-0.60%, has shown considerable growth of 24%. The growth in its brand value ranged from $88.2 billion in 2016 to $109.5 billion in 2017. It was last in 2011 when Google was in the 1st position, stated by a strategy and valuation consultancy, ‘Brand Finance’. Its own search operating business is the focal point of advertising income. It has got no competition when it comes to search over the internet.

2017 VS Apple! 2017 has not begun with a bright sun for Apple. With a brand worth $107.1 billion in 2017, Apple AAPL, +6.10% manage to be in the 2nd spot. Although the market is growing, the company's share is getting re…

Best VR Headsets for Smartphones

Viewing virtual footage in the form of movies or video games always remains in progressive form. People want a new experience for watching their favorite movies, songs, tv shows or video games. This is the reason behind the invention of LCD, HD, Ultra HD and 3D screens. Now this is the era of portable gadgets and people want an efficient device that can provide a great watching experience without carrying big screens with them. It has become possible by the entrance of virtual reality or you can say VR headsets. These headsets are capable enough to make you feel like watching a movie as sitting in a multiplex.

Firstly google had introduced a basic but powerful device called google cardboard. It provides a simulated environment that surrounds the user and makes them feel as in front of a big high definition screen. To get the experience of this amazing feature, just mount your smartphone with any of the VR headsets available in the market and fix it in front of your eyes. There are ma…

Top 5 Best Smart Watches

Did you ever think that your wrist watch can do many other things either than showing time or date? Yes, you can do many other things with the help of your watch if it is smart. Wearing normal traditional watches has gone old fashioned now because the entrance of smart watches has changed the whole scenario. It is the latest technology which came into existence by integration of both wristwatch and smartphone.

It is an innovative technology that lets you operate the standard functions of the smartphone with the help of a simple wearable watch. The functionalities and capabilities of the smart watch are almost same to the smart phone. The sensors smart watch such as accelerometer, gyroscope and compass etc integrates with your smart phone and enable you to perform various operations such as:-

• Running or closing mobile apps
• Connecting to the internet
• Sending text or video messages
• Picking up or disconnecting call
• Providing weather updates
• Fitness monitorin…