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Samsung MWC 2017 Event Teasing the Galaxy Tab S3 Launch

Samsung has started featuring media invite for the MWC event where the company is supposed to unveil the Galaxy Tab S3. The Samsung’s MWC event will be taking place on 26th February 2017, 7 pm onwards and the invite indicating at a tablet sort of device.

Samsung has accepted that it won’t be discovering the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress and it is now the right time for the TabS3. The Samsung Galaxy TabS3, a descendant to last year’s Galaxy Tab S2 has passed through the FCC and Korea’s News reports that the tablet will be seen with a 9.6-inch display. The display of the tablet is proposed to come with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels and that will be power-driven by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor.

The Samsung galaxy Tab S3 is likely to borrow a lot from the Samsung galaxy s7. The Galaxy S7 is an excellent device to own and aside from a smattering of rumors and leaks, Samsung has successfully kept its tablets under wraps for the release. The powerful Exynos 8890 chip that is present in the Galaxy S7 is expected in the Galaxy Tab S3 or maybe there is something better than that, which will be great.

A little bit of information that has been confirmed guessing that it must be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is that recently a device with a model number SM-T825 received a Wi-Fi connection from the Wi-Fi Alliance. The category was listed as “tablet,” it runs on an android software, and the best glimmer of hope that was confirmed is that actually, the Galaxy Tab S3 exist.

Following specifications are confirmed to be in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, by the company:

• 9.6-inch display

• 2,048x1,536 pixel resolution

• QUALCOMM snapdragon 820 SoC (1.2 GHz)


• 32GB internal device storage

• 12-mega pixel camera

• Android 7.0 Nougat

Unfortunately, without some more concrete reports and news regarding the Tab S3, it is difficult to pin down the release date and the price of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy TabS3 is awaited to pack at least 4GB RAM with 32GB device storage capacity. Samsung will also put a highlight on its camera prowess with around 13MP rear camera and 5MP secondary camera for the device.

The Galaxy TabS2 was launched in sept2015 and the tablet is appointed for a refresh. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 was a slim device and the Korean electronics maker could possibly continue with the design with cutting down on the needless bezels.

The company had confirmed it earlier that a teaser for the upcoming Galaxy S8 Smartphone will be presented during the MWC event, but it will not be announced officially.

Apple launched its Q1 earnings earlier in the day where the company saw iPad sale dropping for more than a quarter. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the Korean company will be expected to answer how the plans are being made to deal with the dropping demand and popularity of the tablet computers.


  1. Samsung Tablets are mostly attractive , simple, different, and very least to best price once. A New one is comping with these features well 100% rocks, and my cousins is samsung die hard fan, He would live n love only samsung based products, So soon we use this one and share more about it.

  2. Samsung MWC 2017 Event: Foldable Smartphone, Galaxy Tab S3, ... the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date during MWC 2017 at ... MWC… The post Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

  3. Samsung's Tab S3 is a sleek, full-featured tablet that will probably disappoint the audience of industry elites here in Barcelona.

  4. Hey does anyone know if i can use also this tablet s3 as a phone? And is the phone quality alright? Thanks in advance.

  5. As long as they keep the ugly physical button on the front, I won't be buying a Samsung phone or tablet. The rest of the phone/tablet is great, but the physical button is just a no no for me.

  6. It is an amazing upcoming device in 2017. Did they give an idea of when any "final, consumer ready models" may be available, and cost?

  7. Surprised to see a home button. I thought they were getting rid of that? Disappointed

  8. Featuring an impressive list of specs, a host of productivity and security applications and powerful processor, the device has the potential to be a popular Android power user tablet this year.

  9. No finger print reader or retina scanner for unlock? Seems a minimum requirement in this day and age. I was waiting for this tablet and all I wanted over the S2 was USB type-C and a finger print reader.

  10. Same as the tab s2. Glass back; pen?; 4 gig? no big deal. Recycled Tab s2. No 4G? only 32gig? these are deal breakers. There are tablets out already that are better than this.

  11. Finally S Pen tablet can't wait to sketch on this. The pen would have made this an awesome note/sketch pad

  12. It does not come with a stylus. And they’re not going "straight for" anything, they’re continuing the line of tablets they’ve had for years.


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