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Apple Wireless Headphones Incoming

What headphones do you use now? How do you think about wireless headphones from Apple? Well, yeah, it sounds very tempting. Imagine having wireless headphones so you don’t have to deal with wires. It will be a very practical solution. As stated by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, that wireless is the future. This is the near vision from Apple that will certainly be a great innovation.

In 2016’s year event, Apple has showed four pairs of these headphones. Apparently, among those four, the fourth headphones were the ones that drew the most attention. This is the future version of wireless headphones from Apple that are known to be AirPods and will be sold at $159, a fair pair for such high tech device. After months of delays, finally the last and final version of AirPods has arrived. After these headphones are being tested, it is very easy to conclude that the headphones are definitely more than most people expect before. They are real and superb. In fact, they are more than the first draft that …

LG Will Launch Levitating Portable Speaker PJ9 at CES 2017

You might think that no speaker, which is made of hard components, could float, right? Now, everything is made possible by LG. It has set a plan to introduce its levitating speaker in at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that will be held in 2017. LG will come with a new portable speaker that can float at this annual electronic event. This is a proof of LG’s commitment to exploring new concept of audio designs and pioneering technology for its loyal consumers around the world.

Now, the question is “what makes the speaker floats?” “Does it use a magic power?” There is no magic; there is no witchcraft; it is all about technology.

Features of LG Levitating Portable Speaker PJ9

LG Levitating Portable Speaker PJ9 can float for up to 10 hours when fully charged. It distributes the sound in all direction in a more even way. LG makes use of electromagnetic power to make the speaker float over its base and keep it in the air. When it needs recharging, the speaker will slowly descend to its base (…

OnePlus 3T Review

Another high selling smartphone has been recently released, the OnePlus 3T. This is an upgraded version of OnePlus 3 which makes this phone a better deal than the previous version. There are some key changes on its processor, battery capacity and also the camera. With price tag at $450, it is a phone that is worth the features.

OnePlus 3T Design

When to it comes to its design, there actually is no key upgrade compared to the previous version. There are still two options of colors, Soft Gold and Gunmetal Finish. Unfortunately, it is only the Gunmetal finish that has the largest memory capacity of 128GB. Gunmetal option actually is a replacement of the Graphite finish OnePlus 3. Overall, the design of this smartphone remains attractive with 7.4 mm thickness, single slab aluminum and also frame curves. Although the phone is not really impressive at the first glance but it still has nice touch.

Move to bottom of this phone to find the drilled speaker grille, headphone jack and USB-C port…

Awaiting the latest MacBook Pro next year - what to expect?

If you are looking to strike a great balance between portability and performance, then your best bet is the 15-inch MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 15. This is going to get released with superb Nvidia graphics and with Intel’s new quad-core. This will be released in January, and it seems that there is going to be a choice between an Intel Core i3-7100HQ, and i5-7300HQ, and an i7-7700HQ. Needless to say all three options are very good processors. There will also be the optional Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics along with an optional fingerprint sensor. This will enable the use to log into Windows with just a tap.

As yet it is difficult to forecast what these new chips will be able to offer. However in a few days’ time we will be able to have more information. One of the things we are absolutely sure of is that the 15-inch MacBook pro promises to be one of the best yet. Not to mention the possibility that it might even support VR.

With a 4K screen, a full-sized SD card slot, HDMI and USB ports, …

Windows vs. Chromebook vs. MacBook; Which New Year Gift Is the Best for Your Child?

New Year is just a couple of days away and it might be the best time for you to pick the right gift for your child. If what they look for is a new notebook, you actually have many choices to choose from, but in general, your final task would be to decide whether to buy a Windows notebook, a Chromebook or a MacBook. Here you can read about the pros and cons of buying each of the three gadgets above.

Windows Notebook

Windows notebook is still considered a popular choice due to its flexible software environment. When you buy either Chromebook or MacBook, there are limited applications that you can install on the new notebook. In other words, with Chromebook, your child will be forced to use only Chrome-based applications. With MacBook, the majority of its applications will the ones released by Apple. With Windows notebook, there is a huge selection of applications and games that you can install on your child’s new notebook. If your child loves playing games, Windows notebook is the best …

5 Amazing Tech Gadgets You Can See by the End of 2016

Have you ever wondered how the future will look like? Here I will show you five tech gadgets that will convince you that you are actually living in the future. All of these gadgets highlight some mind-blowing features that you won’t believe they actually exist. If you want to taste the tech of the future, take a look at the following gadgets.

1. LG’s Rollable TV

If you think that curved TV screen is jaw-dropping enough, take a look at LG’s latest tech invention that first appeared at CES 2016: a rollable OLED TV. The first time you see the TV, you won’t believe that it is a TV as its screen is as flat and as flexible as a sheet of plastic. The TV can show high-quality and sharp image both in rolled and expanded mode. As it is a screen, we can expect it to trigger massive changes in how all future devices with screen, including smartphones and laptops, will be designed.

2. Oombrella the Smart Umbrella

When you about to leave your home with cloud covering the sky, you are often u…

Nokia C1, should be anticipated or not?

What is the brand of the smartphone you are using right now? It is sure that you will be using one of the major global smartphone brands. With so many new brands established and mass-producing smartphones with almost similar quality and specs. We could say that we are in the middle of a war of smartphone producers and we don't have to own all of them, we just need to get the one suitable for our needs and stick with your main purpose. With the trend influencing most of the high-tech society, it will be difficult to determine which one of the smartphones is the most sophisticated, since big companies are competing to release new products at least once in a year.

Do you still remember of your very first mobile phone? The adults or grown ups should know well about the brand Nokia from their younger days. This phone company had their time conquering the market before the arrival of smartphones. Because of their ignorance of new trends, then this company fell quite hard and there are …

Enjoy YouTube video on PS VR!

Since the release of PS4 in the late 2013, the PlayStation platform had reached the new dimension of gaming with excellent graphic quality. The graphic quality combined with full-HD TV is amazing! Who wouldn't want to enjoy gaming with outstanding sound and graphic quality anyways? Besides the graphic quality, PS4 also innovate with first person gaming experiences called the Virtual Reality of the PS VR. Since the invention of VR technology, these platform even get more popular and begin to bring different perspective to the players. But of course, you will need to have the VR glasses and supported Game or Videos.

Besides the virtual reality technology on game consoles, now you can also have almost the same first person experiences using the 360 video technologies. This technology allows the user to look around by dragging mouse cursor inside the video frame. Using any normal video player software, the downloaded 360 degree videos will just look like an extra wide video recording…

Quitting Technology Addiction: Putting Your Gadget Away Without Craving and Burnout

All these new interesting technologies just constantly demand our attention! Of course, who could resist taking a time or two to browse some stuff on the net while they are waiting for their train? Or looking at some cute cat pictures and interacting through social media when bored? The thing about technology is that it makes our lives more convenient, and more interesting too. It is all good and all until it takes a big portion of our lives. The thing about gadgets and technologies in general is that they can be quite distracting. We have those times when we need to give our undivided attention to something, like focusing on a task we have. However, many people seem to struggle with this, especially with their gadgets in hand. Accepting technology as an inevitable part of our modern world does not mean that we let ourselves be slaves to it. But let’s all agree that things are not as easy as it might seem. This article will share some tips on how to stop gadget addiction, as well as …

The Best Android Apps that You Should Have in Your Smartphone

This time is smartphone era. In the market there are several options of smartphone’s platforms and Android platform is one of favorite among the other platforms. Because of its popularity, there are many individuals or studios which made applications for Android. Some are apps for daily functional and some are apps for fun. For you with new smartphone and do not know what apps that you should install in your phone, you can read this article till finish and then install the apps following the current trends of smartphone. The best Android apps are put in several categorize for helping you understand of each apps.

1. Chat category. The smartphone allow you reach and talk with friends, families, colleagues, partner in distant location from you just like you talk with them in the same room. The basic features of the smartphone for this purpose are built-in dial and message apps. However now thanks to Android apps, you could call or message distant relative with internet connections. …

Digging Deep: Suspicious Activities Spotted in Tor’s Hidden Addresses

Tor is one of the specialised browsers available out there. It is used by people to browse both the internet and to communicate with others in private. The thing about using the internet while keeping your online identity anonymous is that it gives you extra protection from harms that could be caused by cybercrime activities. That is why, Tor is used a lot to browse unindexed sides of the internet called the deep web, or dubbed by some others as the dark web, depending on how you see it. It earns its name for no joking reasons either, dark web is notorious for its illegal or criminal activities. Tons of malicious viruses may lurk behind the contents floating around the deeper side of the internet, and there has been a lot of scary stories associated with this obscure corner. Recently, the suspense thickens was a security expert found out mysteries behind Tor’s hidden addresses. This ‘mystery’ is an unprecedented increase in the number of hidden web addresses found in Tor’s network. W…

The Effective Guide to Empty Space in Your iPad

Having fancy gadgets like iPad perhaps is a dream for each person. However, what becomes the problem is if the memory space starts to run out. Doing regular cleaning perhaps can help to obtain extra space in short period of time. The next problem which may arise is how if you require larger storage for the next savings?

It is important to identify the memory usage of your iPad before you start to make additional space on it. Checking storage session on settings app helps you to discover total capacity of the gadget as well as the rest amount which is still free. You also will able to know how much of memory that have been used to store installed app. Photos and videos commonly become the largest hogs which take the memory space. The amount of space that needs to be emptied actually depends on the individual needs. These are several tips which can be useful for getting additional space.

Deleting unused files

To create an extra space, you should look for files which use the most space…

Fun and Professional Editing Photos with VSCO Cam

Editing photos with VSCO cam is like changing the result of the original photo and make it looks better or funny. Lots of people who like to edit their photos said that VSCO cam is the best photo editor available in the market. Visual Supply Company or VSCO is a free application you can get from the application store and it will give you more preset filters inside the application. Just like other applications, VSCO cam also has its own advanced camera with many features available.

What do we get from VSCO Cam

Another reason why people love this application so much is because of its simple user interface and it is easy for new user. Inside the application, user will find lots of icons and once you use the application, you will be able to memorize each function of those icons. You can access all of those icons and go to every sections available inside VSCO Cam from the Menu screen. Though there are lots of features here, once you choose one section, other features will be dis…

Your Everyday Technology Devices Can Lead You to These Four Unpredictable Mischance

The invention and innovation of new technologies such as computers, game consoles, and mobile phones have made life easier for most of us. They are not just to meet the needs; it is also a lifestyle that unwittingly unleashed some of the things that will harm you from just a shoulder injury such as shoulder pain or irritating neck to dangerous diseases such as cancer as well as the cause of a fatal accident. Some of the injuries come on suddenly while others take a long time to develop. These injuries usually occur because doing repetitive tasks in a long time, for example, holds a tablet in a certain position or typing. The number of cases is growing, not only in adults but also children. Here are four weird injuries and mischance caused by the use of everyday technology devices.

Struck by lightning

The most feared and dangerous electrical source is lightning. Tall thunderstorms can accommodate more than 100 million volts. When you use your phone, either for calling someone, playing…

This Revolting yet Beautiful Cockroach Robot

People often stomp their feet when they see a cockroach. They also have many words to describe this species, including squalid, dirty, ugly, sly, and disgusting. However, now may be the right time to add a new surprising vocabulary for a cockroach: inspiring. This disgusting animal has inspired the researchers from the University of California-Berkeley to create a cockroach robot that will become a pioneer to rescue humankind. Many years of making and competitors for the most sickening and revolting creation emerged from the laboratory; the robo-roach has come!

Why did they choose roaches?

Cockroach is a unique animal. The cockroach’s motor nerve system is amazing. This animal has a very impressive reaction speed to escape from danger. It is Periplaneta Americana, American cockroach species, which became a source of inspiration design for this soft legged robot called CRAM.

This animal has the ability to withstand a load of 900 times its weight without getting hurt. Simply put, the w…

This SmartDesk Can Be Your Assistant during Working

Do you work busily? When you work very busy, you absolutely need the role of assistant to help managing your work. The assistant is usually a professional staff. But, have you ever imagined that you have a desk for your assistant during working? It is like the controversial and innovative discover in working field. What is it? The assistant during working called SmartDesk. The smart desk can be your own loyal assistant at office.

Robotic System for Being a Great Working Assistant

Many people and workers may wonder why it can be a great assistant during working. This smart desk is a very innovative discover in the working field. This new technology is the form of smart desk. The desk is readily launched for helping the people with busy working activities. The smart and autonomous desk is completed by robotic system. The robotic system has a function to be an office assistant so that you do not need to employ another assistant to handle your work in the office. With the robotic techno…