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Your Everyday Technology Devices Can Lead You to These Four Unpredictable Mischance

The invention and innovation of new technologies such as computers, game consoles, and mobile phones have made life easier for most of us. They are not just to meet the needs; it is also a lifestyle that unwittingly unleashed some of the things that will harm you from just a shoulder injury such as shoulder pain or irritating neck to dangerous diseases such as cancer as well as the cause of a fatal accident. Some of the injuries come on suddenly while others take a long time to develop. These injuries usually occur because doing repetitive tasks in a long time, for example, holds a tablet in a certain position or typing. The number of cases is growing, not only in adults but also children. Here are four weird injuries and mischance caused by the use of everyday technology devices.

Struck by lightning

The most feared and dangerous electrical source is lightning. Tall thunderstorms can accommodate more than 100 million volts. When you use your phone, either for calling someone, playing a game, or using the internet, you will be in a danger without realizing it. Mobile phones, televisions, handy talky, radio, transmitter, or anything that generates signal propagation flow will emit a signal that can be conductors of electric current from lightning. If you are lucky, you might just get hurt or lose some of your organs function when attacked by lightning. Otherwise, you could be burned to death.

PlayStation palmar hidradenitis

The disease is taken from the name of a game console produced by Sony. Hidradenitis itself is a skin disorder that generally comes with symptoms of reddening of the skin and small bumps on the skin due to intense pressure and sweating. The addition of the term "Playstation" emerged due to the first hidradenitis case faced by a 12 years old girl in Switzerland. She complained of having a painful wound on the palm of her hand. From the inquiries, it was found that she routinely played video games using the PlayStation console for several hours. She has done that habit for a prolonged period until such conditions occurred.

Computer vision syndrome

Dealing with a computer screen for more than two hours a day without breaks can cause this syndrome. People affected by this syndrome will generally experience symptoms of irritation, red eyes, watery, or even dry. Further symptoms accompanied by eye fatigue followed by heavy eyelids or forehead. Apart from the difficulty to focus, the symptom of this syndrome is also followed by a headache. Pay attention to yourself and see if your blink frequency decreases after using a computer. Note also the position of the computer and setting light. It is highly recommended to place the screen a 4-5 inch below eye level and 20-28 inch away from your eyes to counteract the CVS. To reduce risks from CVS, Dr. Justin Bazan, an optometrist from New York, recommends rules "20-20-20" where users are encouraged to look at other objects within 20 feet for 20 seconds after viewing the screen for 20 minutes.

Silent killer

Listening to music through earphones will not disturb other people around and you can get better sound quality. But unfortunately, using headset with loud volume has bad side effects, including hearing disorders such as tinnitus, ringing in the ears, ear infections and even brain disorders and deafness! According to the researchers, earphones or headphones on music players can have a noise level similar to the noise generated by jet engines - some of the common music player could produce loud sounds of 110 dB, which is similar to the intensity of the sound of a jet engine and louder than a pneumatic drill. Wearing it when you are on the road is very risky. You will not only become deaf, you can also involve in an accident. There have been many cases of accidents caused by wearing a headset, ranging from small accident to crush to death by a train. This happens because the self-awareness drops due to the diversion of concentration from the surrounding environment and the road to the sound from the earphones.

To sum up, technological advances could bring benefits and goodness in mankind but excessive consumption will be bad and may even endanger your life.

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