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Quitting Technology Addiction: Putting Your Gadget Away Without Craving and Burnout

All these new interesting technologies just constantly demand our attention! Of course, who could resist taking a time or two to browse some stuff on the net while they are waiting for their train? Or looking at some cute cat pictures and interacting through social media when bored? The thing about technology is that it makes our lives more convenient, and more interesting too. It is all good and all until it takes a big portion of our lives. The thing about gadgets and technologies in general is that they can be quite distracting. We have those times when we need to give our undivided attention to something, like focusing on a task we have. However, many people seem to struggle with this, especially with their gadgets in hand. Accepting technology as an inevitable part of our modern world does not mean that we let ourselves be slaves to it. But let’s all agree that things are not as easy as it might seem. This article will share some tips on how to stop gadget addiction, as well as how to prevent ourselves from falling into the same trap twice.

Why Is Gadget so Addictive?

It is not a news that things such as video games can increase the dopamine amount in our brains. Dopamine is the feel-good hormones which can also be triggered by activities such as exercise and sexual intercourse. The thing about gadgets is also more or less similar, we became addicted to it the moment we feel-good about constantly having it around. We are living in the world dominated by advanced technology. Thanks to these inventions, we are able to live a more convenient life. Technology paves the way for us, and it will keep on doing so for years to come. Because of this, we became too dependent to technology sometimes that we are constantly craving to use it whenever possible. We all have those moments where the urge to just click and tap our phones is high despite got nothing in mind to do so. This brings a whole new set of problems. As technologies became the solutions of many of our problems, it also.

Understanding the Problem with Gadget Addiction

But there are actually ways to battle gadget addictions. It is quite hard, but it is possible to do so. The thing about stopping an addiction is to recognize the problems that come with it first. So the first step on how to stop gadget addiction is to understand that there are problems that come with it. Think about the times when you don’t have your laptop or smartphone around? Does it make you feel extremely anxious that it bothers you? Then it is a sign of an addiction that should be immediately addressed. Sometimes, you get so immersed with your gadgets that it takes control over you completely. The thing about gadget addiction is that it partially caused by abundance of information that we gained from using it. For example, internet is the home of all sorts of things that we have probably not known before. It is a set of floating information that can be accessed just right at the user’s fingertips. It is a powerful and enlightening experience to have, but this can also cause us to be indiscriminate with our times using it. When this sort of things happen, you might unconsciously let the gadget rules you instead of the other way. And it’s time to stop. Gadget addiction can also affects your work performance and task-concentration because multitasking is one hell of an inefficient stuff. Plus, it can also reduce your time of interacting socially with others.

The Solutions

There are many solutions on how to stop gadget addiction. The first is to put it out of your reach. It’s hard, but when you force yourself to stop thinking about where you’re putting your phone and just focus on other things, you will be conditioned to its absence. Out of your sight, out of your mind. It’s difficult, but the mind-set is what matters. Also, stop multitasking things, especially when you include technology to it. This will make you casually grow accustomed to it, developing addiction in the process. Last but not least, organize your messages to stop you from constantly wanting to reply to it. Only prioritise the most important ones!

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